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Our company Roofers Elite provides numerous services to its valuable customers because as discussed above, our customers and their satisfaction means everything to us.

Our services are extremely flexible, from roof repairing to re-installation and water proofing of your roofs, we provide these services to you, in the most professional manner, at an amazingly affordable cost.

Out of all these amazing services, we provide our customers with metal roofing Maine, so that their roofs remain strong and potent, blocking all unwanted materials like sunlight, rain, winds and what not.


metal roofing Maine contractors

Before discussing what our service is, we must discuss the requirement of metal roofing by different people, across the world.

metal roofing


Metal roofing is a type of roofing that contractors perform when customers require or demand for an extremely strong roof, but also being extremely inexpensive at the same time.

We will definitely provide These metal roofs that are mainly made out of recycling material, tending to the less cost of this type of roofing service.

The best part about these roofs that we offer to our valuable customers is, that it lasts a lifetime. These roofs are durable and require extremely less maintenance, from the customer’s part.


Quality of our metal roofing services and these metal roofs is what makes them acceptable across the roofing services market, by numerous customers, over another roofing type called the asphalt.

Metal roofing was preferred even in the historical times, and you can see many old buildings and landmarks, having these amazingly built metal roofs.

And therefore, without any poor quality materials, we do offer our customers with high quality metal roofing, adaptable in Maine, so you can easily show off your homes with metal roofs, to your friends, family and even your commercial places to your coworkers, clients and employers.


When we talk about maine metal roofing contractors, we are determined as Metal outruns the old and conventional materials that were previously used as roofing materials. This has been done on the basis of certain advantages that metal offers and therefore is preferred over others


Expected life.

If a metal roof has been Properly fitted, this roof would last a lifetime, or as long as that house remains. Your metal roof will survive any heavy winds coming your way, block out all the seeping water, and also the snow blizzards.

Other than that, Metal is also susceptible to fire, insects, dew and even rusting or rotting. Best part is that we offer you metal roofs with an amazing warranty of about 50 years. Other than that, we also provide paint finishing to your potent metal roofs.

Speedy and easy installation:

Because the materials are extremely lightweight, you can easily install these roofs in just a day or two, without setting up the supporting structure for the roofs. So when you see a storm approaching, you can easily tackle it as its installation is extremely rapid and quick.

Heat conduction.

Metal reflects. This quality makes it heat resistant and minimizer of the heat at midday. So during the day, you don’t require air conditioning and so your environment remains cool and cozy.


Metal roofing is a much better alternative when compared to heavy tiles that weigh 750 pounds per square or even the concrete tile that weighs almost 900 pounds per square. When you evaluate, you find that metal roofs are better as they are lightweight, offering 50 to 150 pounds per square. Compared with tile at 750 pounds per square (an area equal to 100 square feet) or concrete tile at 900 pounds per square, metal roofing is lightweight. Most varieties run from 50 to 150 pounds per square.

One of the type of metal roofing is Sheet-metal roofing that has its own numerous benefits over others. It is lightweight, easy and rapid to fit, and great at blocking snow and water.

What you can also do is, apply some roofing materials over your already installed roofs without actually tearing it all off or requiring extra support for structure.

Resistant to Fire.

Metal roofs are given the rating as being the most resistant to fire as they are noncombustible. The surface beneath any metal determines the level of its ignition when exposed to heat and are classified on that basis.


When we mean the word ‘metal’ it covers a wide area when talking about the roofing materials. You can use steels, aluminum, copper, zinc alloys or stainless steel for metal roofing. Each material that is used, has its own advantages, cost, appearance and durability that are affected by its properties.

The Conventional Metal Roofing Materials used widely across markets are:


Steel, is mostly used for different metal roofing. It is stronger and even heavier than aluminum. Many metal roofing contractors have employed different types of finishes and coating that will protect steel from any kind of erosion or rusting. Most of the time it is coated with zinc to protect against corrosion. Other than that, a baked-on top coating of acrylic provides the respective color and protection to steel metal roofing. These roofs are mostly given paint coating that makes them durable. Kynar, a fluorocarbon, can also be used for such coatings.


Aluminum is extremely lightweight and is mostly preferred for residential roofing services. Best part, it doesn’t rust but prior to its use, it must be coated or painted for a better look and finish. These finishes can be similar to those on steel.

Aluminum is soft sometimes and can easily be dented. Some contractors worry over preferring this material for purpose of roofing....


...There are some other potent and sturdy materials for roofing, but they can become a bit expensive for people that were aiming to settle their roofing at a small budget. But a wide study shows that investing few more bucks in the start can result in success and there would be no need for further servicing.

These materials provide extremely high-end homes for people who have

Copper metal roofing

Copper metal roofing have been used since centuries as they do not rust at all. Its finish and look is extremely brilliant and it is soft enough to easily model it according to your design. But the negative part, well its expensive.  

Alloy roofing products

Alloy roofing products are extremely preferred because of their strength, their resistance to extreme weather and even are durable. Their cost mainly depends on the specific material being used, but they are expensive for low budget people.  

Stainless-steel roofing

Stainless-steel roofing won’t even corrode or rust but on the downside, it is a very expensive alternative to metal roofing. You can provide a matte-gray finish to it by using coating called ‘Terne’.

After seeing all the advantages, benefits and your different options to prefer for metal roofing, we come to a bottom line that metal roofing is extremely advantageous for your roofs.

Maine metal roofing contractors at our company will definitely give you advice on what material to prefer, keeping in mind your budget, your roof, the environment you live in and especially your likes and dislikes.

Our roofers will amazingly install these metal roofs in no time for you, so you can enjoy your newly repaired roofs and stay cool in extremely hot weathers.

metal roofing contractors maine

Not only that, these roofs also block and manage snow or even sand or water in blizzards and extreme weathers, so you stay protected inside and aren’t exposed to any of these things.

Our company determines high quality roofing service, lusted by everyone around town, because of our quick and professional work.

Metal roofing provided by us will definitely bring you back to us, as we offer 10-year warranty along with a free estimate for your roofs and consultation by our contractors, so you can choose an appropriate material, suitable to your roofs.

In the environment of Maine, Metal roofing is definitely preferred as the humid environment of Maine causes rust of various different materials. As discussed above, these metal roofs require finish or coating that will protect your roofs from rust and even corrosion, common throughout Maine.

So, don’t worry as we will help your roofs protect from rust and help your homes look absolutely brilliant.

Let’s hope you come back for our services again and again as our relationship with our customers is valued the most. But at the same time, we hope that once you are satisfied with our services, you don’t ever feel the need to come back.

So if you require a metal roofing contractor in Maine to provide servicing or maintenance of your roof, contact us at any instant and get assisted by our professionals and benefit from our services at an exceptional rate.