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A roof is what makes a home a home. If you have a structure with walls and foundations, but no roof, then it Is of no use to anyone. Maybe to the insects and birds but not human. These roofs provide people a sense of security and protection.




Why Choose Roofers Elite?

Do you tend to go towards roofers who take a lot of time to fix your roof or re-build or even maintain them but fail to deliver a top quality end product? Do you keep on fussing over which roofing services company to opt for and to trust your roofs with?

Well you certainly can trust us with this ginormous task and let us do all the work , without you exhausting or stress over it.

That’s why our customers love us, and we are voted BEST roofing contractors in Maine since 2013.

Whenever you are thinking of servicing, maintaining or re-installation of your roofs, you know who you can look up to.


As the name depicts, we started our roofing company in Maine. Our company started with extremely humble and low savings, but after more than twenty five years, we can proudly announce ourselves as one of the top most company offering roofing services.

Wherever you may go, you will never find professional and skilled roofer like ours that can perform multiple of services, offered by none across the market of roofing services. You want a quick polish of your roof to make it new? We are there. You need to fix a whole in the roof? We are there as well. You want whole roof of your house to be re-created with quality products, you can DEFINITELY trust us with task. Whatever services you might require, our diverse company will help achieve those roof ambitions of yours, in no time.

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Our Roofing Services

Our customers mostly expect us to either repair their roofs, maintain them or re-build them with some new and amazing materials newly introduced around markets. Our services extend to not only residential roofing, but we offer commercial as well as industrial roofing to our customers and as said before, fulfilling our expectations.

For you, we have briefly described all the roofing services in Maine we offer to our valuable customers and If you’re looking for metal roofing service in Maine then visit our services section.

New Roofs

If you require an exceptional and amazingly built new roof for your commercial, residential or industrial place, we can deliver it to you in no time. We guarantee you the quality of our roofers, the products we use and our methods and techniques.

Roof Repair Maine


If you didn’t like the previous roof your place that we or any other roofing business installed for you, then don’t worry as we also provide re-roofing services. Don’t hassle yourself out for doing that all by yourself, when you have us by your side.

Roof Replacement Maine

Roof Repairs

If there is any flaw or fault in the roof, any hole or minor glitch, we can fix it for you in no time. The tools we use are extremely high quality and safe to be around and even the quality of our work is top notch for our valuable customers

Roof Restoration

Roof Restoration

Roof restoration helps your roof return to its former splendor and glory. It doesn’t require for whole roof to be repaired or made from scratch, where as some tools like colored bricks or other elements can add to the strength and attractiveness of the roof.


Waterproofing / Weatherproofing

The roofs at either industrial, residential or commercial places need to be waterproof and weatherproof. For places with extreme weathers, this is a must to be installed when a new home is being built. But of you forgot to, we can install weather and water proof elements for you.

Preventative Roofing Maintenance

Any maintenance or problem in your roofs can be prevented, if proper tools and products are applied to them. Just like that, we provide installation of such products so the requirement of maintenance doesn’t occur every few days, but after a lot of years.

Emergency Services

If you require someone to fulfill your roofing servicing needs in no time and are in an emergency, we can definitely be of service to you as our skilled and hardworking workers put their sweat and blood, day and night to repair or maintain your roof to an excellent mark.

See What Our Customers Say About Us

Great company - 5 Stars.
My family in Windham use this company all the time for any roofing needs, big or small. They have great and high quality service. Thanks a lot for great work!!
Tony Cardello
Happy Customer

Excellent quality work. Roofers Elite did a great job of metal roofing. David the owner of Roofers Elite is very professional, always on time, a man with word of honor. I highly recommend them.
Barbara Case
Happy Customer

We had a roofing emergency when our very old roof starting having some major leaking issues and needed a brand new roof. Do yourself a favor and call these guys. You will not be disappointed!
Steve Miller
Happy Customer

So if you require a roofing service company to provide servicing or maintenance of your roof, contact us at any instant and get assisted by our professionals and benefit from our services at an exceptional rate.

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