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The first rule of life, Change is inevitable. Everything that you get in this world doesn’t remain the same forever.

Your home is a safe haven for you, you feel secured and insured in your own place and are determined that nothing can ever harm you. But sometimes, this safe haven of yours becomes old and rusty and breaks down a bit because as stated above, not everything remains the same.

But to keep your home and especially your roof in shape and in a perfect condition, you need to work hard so that you can still feel secured and safe.

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Head onto Roofers Elite if you require an exceptional replacement of your roof. Trust us when it comes to replacing your roofs entirely.

We, at Roofers Elite, guarantee remarkable roofing service for our valuable and awesome customers.

We assure our customers that whatever kind of replaced roof you require, we will have it delivered and that too, at an inexpensive amount, light on your pockets.

Not only that, the duration of our roof replacement service is extremely low, so as to keep our customers from any inconvenience.

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To replace your existing roofs, is not an easy task, but we determine remarkable and commendable replacements, that make you come back to us again and again and even recommend us to your friends and families.

The following are some tasks that we perform in order to replace roofs of our customers

Offer 5 Materials to choose from

Whatever type of material you choose for your roofs, depends upon your environment and more importantly your likes and dislikes. There are different types of ‘shingles’ that are materials used for roofs. At Roofers Elite, we let our customers decide what kind of shingles they require, according to their pros and cons.  

Asphalt Composition Shingles

These are Cheap and easily attainable, but they don’t give a nice look because of being ‘flat’.

Wood Shake

These shingles give a really nice and attractive look, but are heavy on your wallets.

Metal Roofing

An exceptional roof, cheap and very suitable for places where rust is common.

Slate Roofing

A little slippery but has a really nice look to it and expensive as well.

Metal Roofing

An exceptional roof, cheap and very suitable for places where rust is common.

Let customer Decide Whether to Remove Shingles or Roof Over Them

Putting on new shingles on existing shingles might become a bit heavy on the underlying frame, when using an asphalt shingle. So preferring a single layer of slate shingle might be better to avoid putting much strain on the foundation of your roofs.

When replacing your roof, your underlying shingles might have a few bumps and holes in them and it is preferred to firstly fix them and then installing a new roof above it.

Installing an extremely new roof, while picking apart every single existing item might become burdening, but if the customer requires, we will perform it.


 The cost that is associated with replacing a roof might vary according to the material being used on the new roofs.

But whatever we charge, our roofers at Roofers Elite make sure to deliver top quality work to our customers, and justifying the amount that we charge to our customers.


If we started looking for specific seasons to replace your roofs, we might as well be out of business. But in some part of US, replacing roofs might become a hurdle, especially in Maine where you sometimes have a lot of winds and rainfall.

But to tackle all this stuff out, Roofers Elite makes sure to employ quick and rapid roofers, that complete their tasks in a whip and in just a couple of hours provide you with a newly replaced roof.


After making sure what our customers require, the roofers need to understand explicitly what kind of process and steps they are willing to take to replace the existing roofs of their valued customers.

They mainly focus on the days in which work is to be completed, what to do with the existing shingles, whether to make repairs to the base underlying existing roof, install other materials like any vent, ice drain vent or even to apply flashing or not. 

See What Our Customers Say About Us

Great company - 5 Stars.
My family in Windham use this company all the time for any roofing needs, big or small. They have great and high quality service. Thanks a lot for great work!!
Tony Cardello
Happy Customer

Excellent quality work. Roofers Elite did a great job of metal roofing. David the owner of Roofers Elite is very professional, always on time, a man with word of honor. I highly recommend them.
Barbara Case
Happy Customer

We had a roofing emergency when our very old roof starting having some major leaking issues and needed a brand new roof. Do yourself a favor and call these guys. You will not be disappointed!
Steve Miller
Happy Customer

While opting for Our service of roof replacing, bear in mind your choices and your likes and dislikes and make sure to communicate them to us effectively. Whatever our customers require from us, we will have it delivered.

Our service of roof replacing is not at all time consuming and extremely effective, that makes our customers value us and also recommend us to their closed ones.

So run along to your phones and contact us, to avail our Roof Replacing services, RIGHT NOW!

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