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For people who love winters and snow, Maine is the appropriate place to be during winters. You will find a lot of snowfall and can enjoy making snowman, snow angels and even snowball fights. That is the best hobby for kids and that is mainly the reason people especially kids are attracted to travelling to such type of places in the winter.

But for people living in places that welcome a lot of snowfall during winter have another story to tell. People having amazingly built houses are scared of a lot of snowfall as it can destroy their roofs in just no time. A lot of snow builds up on the roof and people usually get up on their roofs themselves to clear snow out.

But to all you people out there. STOP! You don’t have to go up there yourself, it could get you killed. Rather trust us.


Roofers Elite brings an amazing service for our valuable customers in Maine and that is the roof shoveling Maine service. We know how much snow Maine expects every year and what kind of a headache it is to get rid of it.

So worry no more and trust us, as our workers will get onto your roof, and shovel all that snow out, in just no time.

Not only that, you can call us any moment to book us for our services. Our 10-year warranty will definitely not disappoint you.

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When snow falls during the winter season, it starts building up on your roof. Some roofs are strong and potent enough to survive the weight of multiple layers of snow but some give up during this time.

You can have a roof replacement by us, to have a strong and powerful roof but if you never decided to do so, we can still help you.

There are two types of snow. And depending on their weights, it might not be a good idea for people themselves to climb up there, with no experience and shovel your roof.

But we, at Roofers Elite, can be entrusted with such a task and will definitely deliver our best to our valuable customers.

For our customers, that require the service of Roof Shoveling, we perform certain steps

How Much Does the Snow Weigh?

Before the roof shoveling task can be initiated, the roofers and the contractors need to make sure, not the depth, but the weight of the snow on customers’ roofs.

As discussed above there are two types of snow that people experience across Maine. One is the wet snow which is a lot heavier than the dry, fluffy snow.

If you measure six inches of wet snow, it will be equal in weight to 38 inches of dry snow. That’s how much heavier wet snow actually is.

Luckily, if you have replaced or maintained your roofs by us, you will never have the fear of your roof falling down just because of some heavy snow.

But to ease the problems of our customers, first off we check whether the snow on the roof is actually wet or dry. Then depending on the type and texture of some portion of that snow, we will perform the roof shoveling process.

The contractors will also advice you when the weather is become colder and apt for loads of snow.


There are various ways our roofers employ to check whether the snow load on your roofs is become too much for the roof to endure.

First off, we check the interior doors, if they start to stick, then that definitely indicates that a lot of weight has been put on the center of your house and has distorted the door frames.

Secondly, we check for cracks in the plaster and drywall around the frames of interior doors to check whether the snow load is too much for your roof’s endurance or not.


When our workers have detected the type of snow that has loaded upon your roof and whether that snow is too much for your house or not, our worker now work forward to actually shovel your roof and eliminate all the snow from up there.

If the snow remains there for a long time, it can cause troubles in your vents and enter as water in your house walls.

Our workers avoid shoveling snow from the edges of the roofs, so as to avoid ice dams, that are the top cause for many roof leaks.

Furthermore, the roofers also work to eliminate all the pointed icicles that are created over where people walk mostly, so as to eliminate any danger of those icicles falling over people’s heads and resulting in many winter deaths.


So just ditch your previous roof snow removal company and call us right now, so we can offer this amazing roof shoveling service to you. You don’t need to ever get up to your roof, in a cold weather, and shovel your roof yourself. You can trust us entirely.

Our skilled and professional roofers will provide you amazing and top quality roof shoveling service and that too at a reasonably low cost.

Happy Snowfall!

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