Some key aspects of Roof maintenance at home

Here we will have a look at the key steps, which can be followed to have the maintenance of the house roof. The bacteria could be caused by dark streaks on the roof, usually on the north side or on the shadowed roof surface.  Spray gently on the affected areas with a roof moss-remover and a cleaner. Follow the instructions of the specific cleaner to wait for the solution and brush do away the moss and mould gently. Use a soft bristled broom and a large hand-holder brush. You can contact professional roofers like Roofing Repair Maine, to get professional assistance.

Granules that cover the shingles are removed using a power washer or hard- brush.  Wearing heavy rubber gloves, carefully remove all scrap from the gutters and down splits. Use a manual hand, or a small scoop. Then scrub off dirt gently with a soft bristled brush from all areas.

Release remaining garden debris and check for missing paint, rotting, holes or cracks, loose or missing gutters and rinsing leaks. Be aware that leaning your body onto the canals can damage them during cleaning and possibly cause you to break your ladder. Cleaning time can be reduced every year after the gutters or covers are installed.

Thus, we have seen some key tips, which can be followed to perform roof maintenance at home. You can contact Roofing installation Windham Maine, as they are professionals and widely experienced in the field of commercial and residential roofing. You should select your Roofer cautiously.

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